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Aafedt Stadium - Williston, ND


Welcome to the 2016 13-15 Year-Old Babe Ruth
World Series hosted in Williston, ND.
~August 13th-20th~

Welcome to Williston, North Dakota…Where the West Begins.  And remember, you are only a stranger to our fine community once, and we look forward to your visit to this years premier Babe Ruth World Series.

Williston and the surrounding area is excited for this opportunity to host this years’ 13-15 Year Old Babe Ruth World Series, with the rugged beauty of the badlands only 40 miles to the south and the rolling hills of the northern plains, you are sure to enjoy your stay in our fine community. 

World Series dates:
August 13-20th, 2016

Host President:
Larry Grondahl
(701) 572-7897 (home)
(701) 572-7897 (work)
(701) 770-7897 (cell)
(701) 572-0824 (fax)

Host Vice-President:
Jeremy Ludlum 
(701) 774-9773 (work)

Executive Officer:
Darin Krueger 
(701) 774-9773 (work)

Executive Officer:
Baylee Nelson  
(701) 774-9773 (work)

Ardean Aafedt Stadium
Davidson Drive and 9th ave. NW
Box 1153
Williston, ND 58801
701-577-9740 (phone)


Aafedt Stadium - Williston, ND

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